Rob Fletcher

What's behind the Jakdor?
We all like a little bit of mystery. So have you ever thought about what is behind those wall and ceiling panels in buildings? You can find them in almost every establishment, so they must be necessary. But what do they do? Quite surprisingly, humankind has been using access panels for centuries. Not made from the same materials as nowadays of course, but still, it is a very old invention. To begin with they were invented for security. To hide secret entrances and valuables. Our ancestors used fabrics and curtains to hide holes in the walls. Or rocks and stones to hide the entrance to a cave. ..
Choosing Access Panels for Walls and Ceilings
How to choose your Jakdor Access Panel for Walls and Ceilings Jakdor access panels come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with various dimensions that you need to be aware of. So what exactly do you need to order? Picture Frame The most common access panel is referred to as a picture frame. These panels can be fitted into an existing wall. The 'Picture Frame' reference comes from the 25mm frame surrounding the door which sits against the finished wall or ceiling. These panels are the simplest to install and provide an easy access solution. Metal Door Be..
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