What's behind the Jakdor?

What's behind the Jakdor? What's behind the Jakdor?

We all like a little bit of mystery. So have you ever thought about what is behind those wall and ceiling panels in buildings? You can find them in almost every establishment, so they must be necessary. But what do they do?

Quite surprisingly, humankind has been using access panels for centuries. Not made from the same materials as nowadays of course, but still, it is a very old invention. To begin with they were invented for security. To hide secret entrances and valuables. Our ancestors used fabrics and curtains to hide holes in the walls. Or rocks and stones to hide the entrance to a cave. This was only the beginning.

With the progress in building techniques and building materials also came progress in access panels. No more need to move a mount of stones to get to what we are trying to keep safe. Also Health & Safety regulations have had an influence on the evolution of the simple versions of before to the sophisticated versions that are available now. Access panels are available now with, for example, Fire Rating, insulation, acoustic performance - all these in accordance to the latest building regulations. And there are access panels for internal and external use.

Today, access panels are not only to keep things hidden from prying eyes or safe from stealing hands. There are many more practical uses for them. They are called access panels because they give an easy access to something. This can be access to something as simple as a plumbing void in the wall. Especially useful when a regular access is needed.

Most Access Panels can be installed into a tiled or plasterboarded wall or ceiling, to give access to, amongst others, concealed electric panels, plumbing pipes, boilers, cables and storage spaces. These panels are designed to give quick and easy access to whatever is concealed behind. You can imagine that if there is a flood and the water stop tap is behind one of these panels, it is of the utmost importance that you can reach it in no time to turn it off.

Colours and materials can be matched to the surfaces that the panels will be fitted into. Access Panels can be aesthetical. There is a solution for every situation and preference.

Please feel free to contact Jakdor any time if you need some help choosing the best option for your situation.

Posted by Rob Fletcher